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About M.Y Health


M.Y Health is a provider of pioneering foot health services, specialising in nails, skin disorders and musculoskeletal problems.

Practitioners use the latest technology and complementary therapies to treat a range of commonly found foot problems including fungal nail infection, athlete’s foot and warts (verrucas).

Practitioners are engaged in doctoral research at the University of Portsmouth, in the field of fungal infection. M.Y Health is also an associate of the leading nail laser clinic in Europe.

M.Y Health is the creator of M.Y Naturally Enriched Nail Polish. The FIRST water based nail polish in UK crafted to treat and protect nails using anti-fungal and anti-microbial extracts and vitamins.

The product is specifically made for toenails and has a long-lasting effect.  The product is safe for use by children, nursing mothers and during pregnancy.

Medical Beauty

M.Y Health Spa offers Medical Pedicures. Practitioners have worked with and been trained by Margaret Dabbs.

Practitioners are based in London Bridge and Harley Street.