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M.Y Medical Pedicure

M.Y Perfect Medi. Pedicure: 65mins | £75

M.Y renowned Medical Pedicure is performed by a registered Podiatrist who will change your feet entirely and make them perfect for any time of the year. This includes a massage and nail paint by M.Y Beauticians. It is perfect for those who needs a little bit more attention than just a continuation appointment or regular pedicure. Perfect for those who have A LOT of hard skin.

M.Y Nourishing Organic Medical Pedicure:  75 mins | £85

M.Y Nourishing Organic Pedicure is perfect for those who are pregnant, breast feeding, under medical supervision or have infected nails.

It is performed by a register Podiatrist and will use only natural M.Y Natural Products to revitalize your feet. This will include M.Y Enriched Nail Polish that does not  contain commercial toxins. Enriched with vitamins and tea tree and lavender that have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. To make sure that you keep your nail healthy. You get to keep your M.Y Naturally Enriched Polish.