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Minor Surgery for Nails and Warts


Surgery may be considered if you are experience long term discomfort with your warts and nails. Practitioner of M.Y Health will discuss your treatment plan and tell you if surgery is an option for you.

CryoSurgery for Verrucas/Warts 30-45 mins | £50

With the use of low temperature, the cells of verrucas and warts are destroyed and over time disappeared.

Nail Surgery for Toenails 60 mins | £250

For the treatment of ingrown, damaged and deformed nails. To resolved pain and cosmetics effects of damage and infected nails.


Marion Yau practitioner of M.Y Health is providing us with fantastic support and personal attention to address my daughter’s warts.
The warts have been a persistent and long term problem which have not responded to NHA methods, or Over the counter treatments during the last 6 years.
After 2 months’ intense treatment, Marion eradicated most of he warts, with only the original and most established one renaming – at the moment. The treatment has reduced the size of this wart substantially so the appearance is much improved, as is my daughter’s self confidence.

J. Wright

The Surgery