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M.Y Health & Street ExchangeHarley StreetHome Visit
Complete foot health screening and fungal nail examination and consultation £80
First Visit (Consultation and treatment, 1 hr) £60
Medical Footcare Treatment (30mins-1hr) £45-65
Cryotherapy (30mins)Marigold + Cryotherapy (45mins) £50£65
Medical PedicureM.Y Nourishing Medical Pedicure £75£85
Biomechanics assessment (45mins) £85
Orthotics From £185
Complete foot heealth screning & Consultation
(15 mins no treatment)
Nail surgery (1hr) From £200
Redressing appointments (15 mins) £38
PinPointe and Lunula Please contact the London Nail Laser Clinic or The Nail and Foot Laser Clinic
Consultation (London Bridge) £60
PinPointe Treatment £300-500
Lunula £500 for two treatment
Consultation (Harley Street) £80
Zone 1 to 2
Practitioner can travel up to anywhere in Zone 2 to offer her personal and expert service. CALL : 07817214666
Nails cutting only £25-30
M.Y Medical Foot treatment 30 minutes £45
M.Y Medical Foot treatment 45 minutes £55
M.Y Medical Foot treatment 60 minutes £60
Wound care and dressings 60 minutes £60
Fungal Nail Treatment with the use of Laser £300-500